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Peter economides better place to live in usa

peter economides better place to live in usa

More like this Peter Economides' campaign for Greece. More Join Us in Greece || An amazing crowdfunded grassroots project to support Greek tourism. America's Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money: Your Guide to Living Better, Spending Less, and Cashing in on Your Dreams · Get A Copy · Friend Reviews. Mr. Peter Economides who will talk to us about “marketing the new to hear about developing our progress possibilities from the best! FOOTBALL BETTING MACHINE

For Economides, those things are Greece's potential and ideas for a better future. By the time the institutions realize how bad things stand for the country and for Greeks, it'll be too late, says Economides. His initiative is called "Ginetai," or "It can be done. It is an important message in a country where people tend talk a lot, and loudly, but where little is actually accomplished. Economides wants to create a reserve, a protected space, where ideas can grow and be protected against adverse conditions -- against the crisis and against politics.

He envisions all of this unfolding in a giant building, an "open space" containing offices, studios and a cafeteria, a little like Google's headquarters in Switzerland or the Frank Gehry-designed former headquarters of the TBWA advertising agency in Venice, California, where Economides once worked.

Those interested would apply by submitting a business plan and a written proposal. If accepted, they would receive a grant and -- an important perk given Greece's bureaucratic jungle -- receive legal counsel. He is familiar with creating incentives, the kind that encourage people to stay, especially young people.

Greece is not an industrialized nation, and it will probably never export power drills or smartphones. And probably not even solar power because it lacks the necessary infrastructure. He raves about a Greek designer in London and a Greek researcher in Boston. There are many other examples. But they are all abroad. Stefanos Sitaras, a year-old movie director, now lives in Los Angeles.

When Sitaras was 16, German director Wim Wenders predicted that he would attain "immortality as a filmmaker. Sometimes the distance improves one's perspective on things. His native Greece is stuck in its fossilized structures and many Greeks don't even want to change, because that would mean fighting their weaker selves, "and that would be pretty painful," says Sitaras.

He is currently shooting a promotional clip for Athens with a few friends -- "My Athens," a filmed eulogy to his hometown. Economides envisions creating space in his think tank for people like Sitaras, so that they won't have to leave their country to be successful anymore. The Great Emptiness "Performance and achievement are bad words here," says Economides. He likes both, but he has nevertheless chosen to live in a country where a person can do fairly well merely by knowing the right people.

In , he left New York "for the sunsets along the Attic coast," as he puts it. He also left for the sea. Greece was an inspiring place at the time, says Economides. But then it joined the euro zone and with it came the lunacy of excessive borrowing and the phone calls from banks -- prior to Easter, Christmas and birthdays -- from people trying to convince you to borrow a few thousand euros to buy yourself a nice present.

In the process, Greeks turned into foolish consumers, says Economides. Three credit cards per person? Greece used to have a different image, as a romantic place instead of as a home to junk and radicals. There were Callas and Onassis with their beautiful faces and their glamor, and even Zorba, the rogue, was popular abroad.

But then the crisis happened, and Zorba the Greek came back like a boomerang. There had been too much fraud and deception. Greece had become the home of early retirees, people falsely claiming to be blind and farmers who drove Porsche Cayennes but no longer harvested their olives.

To explain that human capital is the most important currency for a bankrupt country, Economides is standing in front of a large LCD screen in a conference room at New York University on a Sunday in April. He is surrounded by members of the Greek America Foundation, most of them wealthy diaspora Greeks who have turned their good ideas into reality away from home.

He wants to enlist their help to save Greece. Economides is now wearing a jacket over his T-shirt and a serious expression on his face. Time is of the essence. They'll take away our young people. Finding the Right People Economides' Ginetai is the antidote. He wants to surprise the world, positively for a change.

He expects nothing from Greek politics, no matter what the name of its protagonists happen to be. Greeks are deeply skeptical of their own political class, with 96 percent of the population having no confidence in their elected representatives, according to a poll.

Ginetai is to be financed through a private fund. Don't panic - this is not an all or nothing book that will force you to live on ramon and peanut butter just to pay off bills as early as possible. Every helpful chapter ends with three options: Timid Mouse for those wishing to start slowly, Wise Owl for those ready to make more of a commitment to frugality, and Amazing Ant for those eager to stop wasting their money needlessly and wanting to change now.

Nor do you have to read this as a start to finish system with each chapter requiring you've read and implemented the previous chapters. Instead, you can start where you wish to dive in and bounce around as your interests and needs dictate. Our family has enjoyed many benefits already from the tips given to the reader by Steve and Annette Economides. Yes, that is their real last name.

The day after my copy arrived, it paid for itself in a single grocery tip regarding lunchmeat. We used the money we saved the first month on medical expenses to buy new bedroom furniture. Think clipping coupons is a waste of time for just a few pennies? We didn't change our eating habits or purchases a bit, yet with coupon savings, we financed not one but two vacations to San Diego, complete with annual passes to Sea World, the Wild Animal Park, and the Zoo for the whole family.

Throughout the book, the Economides' children chime in with their thoughts on the ideas and, more importantly, their implementation is a real homeschooling household. With that in mind, here is what our son thinks of our new lifestyle. I like the kid's paycheck. I get money for doing stuff like cleaning animal cages, feeding the cats, and even exercise.

It's helping me save up to buy a used X-Box. Living a frugal lifestyle isn't about depriving yourself, it's about keeping as much of your money in your hands as possible. This book is full of tips to help you do just that as painlessly as possible. For frugalites of all levels Published by Thriftbooks. The book is broken down into sections and focuses on the process, not the details. You won't end up with a bunch of recipes or one sided arguements of what worked for them.

They also give a step down guide for your journey into thriftyness. True, honest, authentic financial advice. This is not a quick get-rich scheme. This is not a book to only make it's author's rich. This is a true, honest, truthful, hands-on approach to successful money management here in the United States of America. Unless Americans wake up to the fact that they are destroying their lives, the lives of their children, their country and everyone's future by drowning in unnecessary debt, the USA is doomed.

The Economides have proved ALL the financial experts wrong! We can have a great life here in America, without consumer debt, without high mortgages, without big screen TV's, expensive vacations, big cars and all the other trappings advertisers have shoved down the American throat. This book should be required reading in every freshman high school class in America. The American dream, as we were led to believe is dead. The Economides, and their 7 children are the new living American Dream: own their own house outright, no consumer debt, living in reality and within their means, eating healthy, honest, decent, respectful, authentic people.

I thank them for this wonderful book. I hope they will continue their journey and quest to help other fellow Americans manage their money and live an honest, realistic life.

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