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Places to stay between valencia and barcelona

places to stay between valencia and barcelona

The top cities between Barcelona and Valencia are Salou, Sitges, Tarragona, Peniscola, and Reus. Salou is the most popular city on the route — it's 1 hour from. From Barcelona to Valencia, mountain-top monasteries and cute seaside towns, here are sights to see and things to do to make a road trip. Use the road trip planner to drive from Valencia to Barcelona using the best route and find places to stop. LOS MEJORES DIBUJANTES PROFESIONALES DE FOREX

These are the distances between the different points of interest along the route: Barcelona — Sitges: around 40 kilometres. Sitges — Tarragona: around 75 kilometres. Tarragona — Salou: around 15 kilometres. Salou — Reus: around 10 kilometres. Girl on Sitges beach. Alcossebre — Oropesa: around 30 kilometres. You should reserve at least a day to see it, explore its City of Arts and Sciences and its medieval quarter, and enjoy a paella beside the sea. Distancekm We also recommend the nearby Albufera Natural Park, where you can take a boat through the rice paddies and marshes.

To the north is Sagunto and its Roman theatre. Valencia — Sagunto: around 35 kilometres north. Valencia — Segorbe: around 60 kilometres. Segorbe — Rubielos de Mora: around 60 kilometres. Valencia — Cullera: around de 50 kilometres. The coast here is studded with fishing villages of whitewashed houses and lovely beaches, with plenty of beautiful views to take photos of.

Other places to enjoy the sea along the Costa Blanca include Santa Pola, Torrevieja, and an excursion to the island of Tabarca. You can walk all over the Old Town, rent a bike or rollerblades and ride along Maritime Boulevard, go see a famous Sant Bartomeu church, have lunch with a beautiful view, and even take a dip in the sea.

If planning to spend only an hour or a few, go to the main street Boulevard de la Ribera. From there you get amazing views of the city and the sea. This street is full of artists who are painting portraits of passers-by, restaurants and multiple sculptures. On one side, it has a monumental staircase leading to the sea. Most of the symbolic buildings date back to the late 19th century, when Sitges became one of the centers of modernism.

Also of interest is the recently renovated Maricel Palace , which today houses a museum. Another reason to stop in Sitges is to try their tapas or even have a full meal. Some people say that Sitges has the best paella. Not sure if this is really so but the choice of places for dining is huge: from luxurious restaurants like Acqua, Alfresco, El Vivero, Maricel to quiet street cafes. When we were in Sitges, we were eating only tapas hearing stories from our host about how good they were in pretty much every cafe.

So the top places for tapas recommended by a local are La Picara and Eguzki Lizarran bars. It is basically a salad with tomatoes, peppers, chicory, anchovy, tuna, olives with a sauce from almonds and bread crumbs. Small cafes make it in the best way. This sunny city embraces the golden shores of the Costa Dorada. Tarragona has a few thousand years old history, frozen in time on the streets as ancient antique ruins, a medieval Gothic cathedral, and ancient cobblestone alleys.

This city is located on the coast of the Balearic Sea, km south of Barcelona. The climate is the typical Mediterranean with very warm dry summers and mild winters. The average annual rainfall is mm. Most of them fall from September to November. Snow and frost are very rare. Before you reach Tarragona, make a quick stop to see Castell de Tamarit castle and nearby Tamarit beach. Since the 20th century, the castle is privately owned and today can be rented for special occasions.

But the location is magical. The castle stands almost among the waves. What to Do in Tarragona Famous ancient Roman amphitheater Tarragona is that city where you can find roman heritage at almost every corner. The old town here is one of the most important archaeological sites in Spain including the ancient Roman amphitheater. It is built on a hillside overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and is the most impressive of ancient structures.

The amphitheater was built in the 2nd century AD during the reign of the emperor Octavian Augustus and was used for gladiatorial games at the time. It accommodated about 12, spectators. Pits and other auxiliary facilities were located under the arena. Also in the 3rd century, several executions of Christian martyrs were carried out here.

In the center of the amphitheater are the remains of an ancient 6th-century basilica and a 12th-century Romanesque-Gothic church. Besides the amphitheater, walk the most beautiful and longest boulevard in Tarragona the Rambla Nova, which resembles the Rambla Boulevard in Barcelona. Reus Reus is a small but very nice, pretty, and colorful town. This is the birthplace of the famous Antoni Gaudi.

Just walking around the city on narrow cobbled streets full of quirky shops and cafes is so pleasant. If you are lucky and visit during a local holiday, it will be even more fun. First of all, Reus is known for its architectural masterpieces of the modernist era.

All attractions are located within walking distance, which allows you to move freely without a car. Also, Reus is a producer of delicious vermouth, so you should definitely try it in one of the cafes. The second floor presents some projects and the third floor introduces tourists to the miniature buildings that were designed according to the plan of Gaudi. In one of the halls, there is a cinema with special effects, where you can watch an autobiographical film. To get to know the city it is worth starting your walk from Reus Market Square.

It got this name because of the market that used to be here in the past. Gaudi was baptized there. It is a very old building that comes from the XII century and is something interesting to look at. The church Mare de Deu de la Misericordia is another famous Reus church. This is one of the few places where you can see the work of Gaudi, he was restoring the chapel there.

A lot of people who travel to Spain to shop say that Reus is one of the best cities for shopping. There are more than outlets offering a variety of products, ranging from budgetary Spanish brands to expensive world-famous brands. July and January are two months of huge sales.

On this day, shops make special offers, discounts, and gifts to customers. Santa Creus is an inactive monastery where you can rarely see crowds of tourists. At the entrance to the monastery, each visitor gets a map that will help them not to get lost while walking around the medieval building. There is a church in the monastery and summer concerts take place in the former dormitories of the monastery.

Santa Maria de Poblet complex, on the contrary, is a functioning monastery where monks reside and it is one of the largest in Spain. Excursions are strictly scheduled in order not to disrupt the internal routine. Today, around the monastery, you can see endless vineyards and amazing mountain views.

Not far from Poblet is the castle of Milmanda, which belonged to the monastery for seven centuries. Now in its walls, the Chardonnay wine is produced and sold exclusively at a local store. Wine lovers will enjoy this visit. I included a section about vineyards in Barcelona and vineyards in Valencia. Many of them are situated not far from the highway and will require a short detour.

Salou The next stop along Barcelona to Valencia drive is the small resort town of Salou which is considered one of the best holiday destinations in Spain. The infrastructure is well developed here, and most of the beaches are marked with the Blue Flag — a special sign of environmental quality. And by the way, all the beaches are municipal, so feel free to swim wherever you want. Although this place is not a major theme park, it is still worth going there for the sake of really cool rides and for the atmosphere.

Salou town has a few interesting fountains and especially cool they are in the evening. Different events take place there almost every evening. These are concerts and all kinds of parades with drums and different instruments. So if you are visiting late during the day, there will be something interesting to see for sure. Also, you can see the complex of mansions in the Art Nouveau style.

There are several interestingly-looking buildings on the same Jaume I Boulevard in the port area separating the beaches of Levante and Poniente. Among them, gorgeous Chalet Bonet stands which was built by a student of Gaudi himself. There is more to explore in Salou. If you are curious, go see thousand-year-old olive trees they look very cool , a steam locomotive of the middle of the last century, some Roman ruins, and if heading to the eastern outskirts, passing not only Levante beach, but also Capellans, go to a very cool Mirador viewing platform with stunning views of the sea.

In summary, even if you leave the brackets of beaches and parks, you can devote one day to the sights of Salou, and the day will not be boring. Miravet Miravet is not really on the coast along Barcelona Valencia drive but it is a very unique village to see. If you are traveling slowly, it is a picturesque area where you can go on a brisk hike and visit the ruins of the Castell de Miravet.

This historic place and the castle of the same name were founded by Arabs during the Muslim rule on the Iberian Peninsula. Today, Miravet has around inhabitants, but on those days when there is a football match, it feels like more. The local bars on the main streets are always crowded with the men from the village. One of the main natural attractions is the Ebro River Valley — a beautiful and peaceful place where you can have a picnic or take photos.

Ferry boat trips are available in the summer though: from late June to early September. What to See in Miravet The historic city center stands out for its terraces and narrow streets that go back to the times of Arabs rule in Spain. The old city also boasts its own historic Jewish quarter and centuries-old buildings against the backdrop of natural beauties that leave a great impression.

The emblematic landmark of the village is the Castell de Miravet, mentioned above, located on a hilltop. It offers sweeping countryside views. You can hike on a rocky surface to get to the castle. The climb is short, but it requires good shoes as it is rather steep. Miravet Castle was erected on the site of a Muslim fortress which is a well-preserved instance of Templar architecture and repeats the architectural traditions of the castles of the Holy Land.

Besides the views, you can find traces of the Arabian past of the castle at the base of the fortress wall. The surroundings of Miravet are also known for their 3C route for castle, cathedral, and cave which you can cover by car or mountain bike. TIP: Those who are visiting on the second Sunday of June and love cherries, should not miss the event of the year — the cherry festival in Miravet. There, you can taste a variety of cherry products, including unique local cherry liqueur.

It is a small city with a population of about 35 thousand people. Despite the rich history and the presence of interesting sights, not too many tourists venture in this old city. Because there are a lot of neglected-looking buildings that at first do not look interesting.

So why to go to Tortosa at all? Tortosa is a city with a rich past and interesting architecture of a wide variety of styles: from a medieval castle and a Gothic cathedral to Renaissance palaces and quaint Art Nouveau buildings. Three cultures were mixed here: Islamic, Jewish, and Christian. The city has a strange perspective. A real pile of different styles and eras, cohabitation of the beautiful and the ugly.

Remarkable Gothic, Renaissance, and modernist buildings are adjacent to poor neighborhoods like slums with abandoned and unfinished houses. In Tortosa, you get to see rich and poor, beautiful and ugly at the same. If you detour to Tortosa, I highly recommend paying a visit to El Castillo De La Suda, a fortress which nowadays has a gorgeous hotel and restaurant. From the grounds, you get a mind-blowing view of the city.

This hotel is a nice place to stay or just pop in for lunch. Check prices and availability for Parador de Tortosa on Booking. For coffee, sandwiches, and pastries visit La Borgia De Civit cafe which had pretty good food and also cool views of the street. But few people know that some episodes of Game of Thrones were filmed in Peniscola.

Peniscola is an ancient city in the province of Castellon, a two-hour drive from Valencia. It is famous for its sandy beaches which are one of the best beaches in Spain. A large fishing port of the province until this day is here. The beaches are famous because of their white sand, stunning views, and the Peniscola Castle on one of the cliffs.

Peniscola stands on the coastal rocky shores. Once you visit, you can walk the narrow streets of Old Town discovering charming bars and restaurants. The majestic castle-fortress is a symbol of Peniscola since ancient times. There you can find traces of Roman and Arab civilizations. And exactly this Square became one of the heads of the sites for filming many scenes of the sixth season of the Game of Thrones.

Stroll through the Old town of Peniscola which is one of the oldest and most popular cities in Spain. The rocky cape, on which the city stands, reaches a height of about six meters and has a huge defensive wall with two iron gates around it. The only way to enter the old part is through this gate. The Old Town with its ancient buildings and small winding streets holds many secrets and ancient legends.

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SpainTravel Guides I'm not sure where the idea to road trip through Spain came from.

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