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South africa a better place to live in

south africa a better place to live in

While Cape Town is the most popular city for expats, research by Mercer in showed Durban to have the best quality of life. Of the top With good road, rail and bus links into the city, many expats seek accommodation in one of the suburbs. According to South Africa's Financial Mail, Silver Lakes. Ranking among the bottom 10 in the Quality of Life Index (52nd), it is last in the Safety & Security subcategory (59th). More than a third of. FREE FOREX ROBOT REVIEW

This figure clearly shows that South Africa is a major tourist destination, with unique features, and the contribution made by the industry to sustain economic growth and poverty reduction. Like any other country, South Africa does encounter such crimes from time to time, but government together with its partners continue to ensure the protection of our children. Government has noted with concern a report which indicates.

The public is reassured that government is dealing decisively with these criminal activities, such as, statutory rape, sexual exploitation of children, including sexual grooming, child pornography and child prostitution in line with the Sexual Offences Act of The Act establishes severe criminal sanctions for those who are in any way involved in the prostitution of a child and aims to provide the affected child with the necessary care and protection.

The code of conduct covers the hotel industry, places of entertainment, tourism and related sectors. It was the first international treaty that the new democratic government ratified. Government continues to ensure that all children enjoy all rights such as right to life, equality and human dignity as enshrined in our Constitution.

However, our critics bemoan the pace of change. Efforts to transform our country are still at an early stage as we endeavour to undo the deep seated structural problems inherited from apartheid. Government is the first to admit that there are many challenges and more still needs to be done. But when our gains over the last 20 years are deliberately ignored it damages our country. Over the last five years we have built on the foundations laid by the each successive administration since the start of democracy.

Government has been at the forefront of the change that is transforming South Africa into a better place to live. We have introduced a long term planning function under the National Planning Commission which charts our way over the next 20 years through our landmark National Development Plan. Through our R1 trillion public infrastructure investment over the last five years we are building an industrialised economy to tackle the challenges of unemployment and support higher economic growth. We have created a more inclusive economy to address the needs of all 51 million South Africans.

There are now 15 million people with jobs in the country, the highest ever in our history. More than jobs were created last year and 3,7 million work opportunities over the past five years through our Expanded Public Works Programme and the Community Work Programme. Our Automotive Investment Scheme has supported investment projects which has sustained more than 50 jobs.

In the past two years more than 20 minibus taxis and buses were assembled locally. It rests upon every South African, as we prepare to celebrate 20 Years of Freedom, to share our story. How together we have overcome the evil system of apartheid, worked to grow the economy, provided basic services, created better healthcare, education and a safer country.

On the education front our initiatives have ensured that more learners attend and succeed in school. The number of children attending Grade R has more than doubled to between and We are also providing our learners with schools that are conducive to learning by delivering new schools to replace mud schools and other unsuitable structures.

On a tertiary level two new universities, Sol Plaatje in the Northern Cape and the University of Mpumalanga have been established. South Africans are now living longer as life expectancy is firmly on an upward trend.

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south africa a better place to live in

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