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Stewards enquiry horse racing betting for dummies

stewards enquiry horse racing betting for dummies

Stewards can deliver punishments to jockeys and/or horses after said race if they are found to have breached the rules. If the stewards believe. Choose your favoured horse from the racecard and remember their name and number · Decide the amount (the stake) you are comfortable with · Choose the type of bet. Matt Mantle makes his living from trading 'in-running' on horse racing on You can even bet on the market while a stewards' enquiry or photo finish is. ADDICTED TO CS GO BETTING PREDICTIONS

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Stewards enquiry horse racing betting for dummies investing in penny stocks australian stewards enquiry horse racing betting for dummies

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Jamie now brings you his take on major news stories from the racing world and those all-important betting tips. Learn how to bet on horses in the UK! This horse racing betting guide is here to help you with any queries you might have when starting out. Read on to find out more and how as part of our community you can help others by sharing your betting expertise.

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If you ever need any bet types explained, then pay us a visit to get a quick answer. As a thank you to our members who contribute we at Horsebetting. Every time you share a betting strategy, comment on an article, or help others with their betting on horse racing queries you will receive points. In addition, you will get extra points if you entry is seen as particularly helpful by out community. The rewards scheme is purely for fun but does help establish your credibility. So, if you are keen on sharing you winning types of horse betting wagers, take a minute to sign up to Horsebetting.

Get on to a Winner with our Horse Betting Guide. Our horse racing betting how to guide is the ideal tool to help beginners get to grips with the sport. What Is a Stewards Enquiry? A stewards enquiry is an official enquiry into the outcome of a horse race, with the express aim of determining whether any rule breaches have occurred, and if so, whether such breaches have ultimately affected the result of the race.

Whilst the stewards are responsible for policing a number of areas, including excessive use of the whip or a horse not being ridden on its merits, indiscretions of this nature will be dealt with retrospectively, without a stewards enquiry being held. By far and away the most common reason for the calling of a stewards enquiry is perceived interference, and particularly interference towards the end of a race.

Has a horse taken the racing ground of a rival? Or perhaps veered across the track forcing a competitor off a true line? And if so was the jockey at fault in allowing this to happen? A stewards enquiry may be triggered by something spotted by the stewards themselves, or by an individual approaching the officials in the immediate aftermath of a race, for example a trainer or a jockey who feels that their horse has been adversely affected by a breach of the rules.

Whether instigated by a trainer, a jockey or the stewards themselves, once a decision has been taken to hold an enquiry, this information will be announced at the track, being preceded by the distinctive klaxon sound.

Punters will also be advised to retain all betting tickets until the result of the enquiry has been announced — for it is only following the conclusion of a Stewards Enquiry that a result becomes official. What Happens In a Stewards Enquiry? Having made the decision to hold an enquiry, the stewards must then set about examining the perceived indiscretion, determining whether a breach of the rules has in fact occurred, and crucially, whether the breach of the rules has affected the result of the race.

Convening in the Stewards Room in the immediate aftermath of a race, the Stipendiary Steward will present the case to the panel of stewards, with the jockeys involved also being called to the investigation room in order to detail their side of the argument. The panel are free to ask questions, in addition to having at least five different camera angles available from which to view the incident.

Having taken account of all available information, the stewards must then come to a decision. Of the potential punishments dished out, clearly the one of most immediate relevance, to punters, owners, trainers and jockeys alike — in terms of potential winnings and prize money — is that concerned with the altering of finishing positions.

And happily, for all concerned, the suspense rarely lasts too long, with a decision almost always being announced within fifteen minutes of the end of a race. How Likely is an Amended Result? There will of course always be a degree of subjectivity in determining exactly how much a horse has been inconvenienced by interference, making it pretty difficult to ascertain whether the result would have been any different had the interference not occurred.

As such UK stewards do tend to be very careful when it comes to altering finishing positions, and it is in fact pretty rare to see the placings altered. Should a horse win by a head or less having inconvenienced a rival, there may be a chance that the placings will be altered, but only if the jockey is also found to have been at fault.

In the event that the winning margin is greater than a head, it would be very strange indeed to see the result amended. One thing to be aware of is that, whilst it is unusual to see an amended result in UK and Irish racing, an alteration of the placings is nothing like such a rarity in other jurisdictions, with the French, German and US racing stewards notoriously strict in their application of the rules. Jamie Spencer will most likely agree with this statement having been demoted from first to third for drifting off a true line in the Grade 1 Beverly D Stakes at Arlington in , despite coming home over a length clear of the second-place finisher.

This is a decent example of the differing approaches, as under the UK interpretation of the law, there is almost no chance he would have lost that race. Is the Decision of the Stewards Final? As with many processes which involve the punishment of an individual or individuals, the guilty parties do have the right to appeal.

Unfortunately, many but not all on-course bookmakers do pay out solely on the official result following a stewards enquiry, and not on the horse to have crossed the line in front. What this means in practice is that whilst punters will still need to wait for the outcome of a stewards enquiry before collecting any winnings, upon the conclusion of the enquiry the bookmaker will pay out not only on the horse declared the official winner, but also the runner to have passed the post first, whether they are subsequently demoted to second, third, or even disqualified from the race entirely.

As with most concessions, there are a couple of exceptions to the above.

Stewards enquiry horse racing betting for dummies super bowl betting games

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