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Total goals betting unexplained mysteries

total goals betting unexplained mysteries

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It's creepy as hell. Interestingly, the Gainax production team including Anno himself have remarked in interviews that their supposedly infamous money-saving sequences are intentionally done for genuinely artistic reasons like building tension, while the former reason is just a happy by-product. In Dragon Ball Z , while we see what it's like from the point of view of Buu's victims, no one knows what happens to the androids after they are absorbed by Cell.

Invoked in a very unique fashion towards the end of the first volume of My Lovely Ghost Kana. Five pages of pure black with only a short paragraph of text on two of them. In context, it is a scary, tear-inducing moment of anxiety before finding out which sort of ending is coming - happy , sad , or downright devastating. Naruto : During the Forest of Death exam, Anko is called in to see three dead genin, who have had their faces stolen. We never see their empty faces, we're just told that they look smooth and flat, like they melted away.

Subverted in episode Gaara is on his way to his fight with Sasuke, only to run into two men who tell him that their superior has placed a bet on Sasuke and he needs to lose. We hear nothing but his footsteps getting louder and louder as he then walks down the hall and approaches the stairs, where Shikamaru and Naruto are.

They and the audience are fully expecting Gaara to kill them or at least attack them, but he doesn't do anything. He just walks past them as if they aren't even there. It is terrifying. Ben and May thought that it was Peter, who usually uses that door. They call for him They both realized that something was wrong, because of the kind of silence.

Then, the burglar appears, with a gun. Comic Strips Done for comedy in one week-long series of FoxTrot strips. After Peter smashed Jason's lunar module model, Jason vowed vengeance within twenty-four hours, something that made Peter fear for his life. He spent the whole day sneaking around, jumping at every little noise, and spent the night lying in a pile of dog doo after eating twigs for dinner just to hide after his mother grounded him for two weeks for driving everyone nuts.

Once the 24 hours were up, he thought he had escaped Jason's plan But then realized he hadn't. Jason had done enough by doing nothing at all. Fairy Tales and Hokum : In the Pyramid of Ahm Shere, Jonathan and Tom plus a couple of Mooks are separated by a cave-in triggered by an explosion, and pygmy mummies attack Tom's section of the room. Jonathan only hears screams and calls for help, then silence. Fist of the Moon : A downplayed version works in the heroes' favor. The senshi all have a disguise field that protects their identity, and everyone from Genma to Amazon elders unanimously agree that being unable to remember someone's face while looking straight at them is very unsettling.

Natural Histories : At one point in "The Fountain", something terrible and powerful approaches the timberwolf pack. It is never seen, remaining hidden by the undergrowth, and is only described as a large shadow, a stench of death and magic, and a presence that intimidates the wolves, before, still unseen, it retreats.

Not only that, but he was also aware that the Artifact of Doom he needed for said plan was hidden in Yokai Academy, that Kenzo knew where Felucia's Soul Jar was located, and finally where Tsukune's family lived. We never do find out how he knew so much despite first appearing in Act III; he just does.

Robb Returns : In chapter 97, it is shown that the Hightower has, deep in its basement, a mysterious gate which, ever since magic returned to Westeros , has been glowing sick green and causes such uneasiness on anyone standing near enough that guards are limited to two-hour shifts so they will not go crazy.

But the worst thing is that something is trying to break that gate open. A Peaceful Afterlife : Inverted! Charlie has Kira take an interview and spread his identity to take away the mystery of his Mr. Clean persona. After defeating Blue for the final time and possibly killing him , the player is then given a Distant Finale , with their character as an old man, wandering a Kanto that is now completely empty.

All NPCs are gone, with the Instant Gravestones from those who were killed being the only sign there was any other life in Kanto before, and there are no wild Pokemon to be encountered. Once the player returns to their bedroom, and stands on the very spot they started the game on , they're treated to a reel of every Pokemon and trainer that they had killed during the game, after which Ghost shows up, and claims their life , just as it had done for all of the player's foes.

A Delicate Balance : When Rarity visits Twilight after the latter's unsuccessful approach at Applejack, she notices that all the charts and graphs that used to cover the insides of library were gone, nothing. She is rather startled. During their meeting, Doom took his mask off, and both of them looked away as quickly as possible.

Stan didn't want to elaborate on what his face looked like. He doesn't want to remember. Stan Lee: I didn't see too much. Both Jack and I had to turn away. Jack saw more action than I did, in the War. He'd seen guys burned up, crushed, shot, beaten to death, all of that. And he told me he'd never seen anything quite that bad. I don't even like to watch Twilight Zone because of that. I might see something to remind me. All I can say is, we were glad just to see that metal mask again when he put it back on.

When she gets there she finds that Jaune is dead with a Grimm eating his body. Blake: Curse, moan, scream Films — Animation Atlantis: The Lost Empire pulls the Hitchcockian "show you the ticking bomb and wait for it to go off" version to great effect when the Leviathan is hunting the Ulysses submarine through the underwater caves.

The audience sees it pretty clearly especially in a chilling shot where we see that its mandibles are larger than the entire Ulysses , but the characters don't , cranking up the suspense and lulling the audience into a false sense of security before the inevitable happens. In The Jungle Book , Shere Khan the tiger does not physically appear until two-thirds through it. Before that, he is all built up so you know how formidable he is. It is not Shere Khan himself but his reputation as a ferocious man-eater that compels the wolves to send Mowgli to the man-village.

The most we ever get is his shadow, that of a man in a horned helmet, but everything else is kept a mystery. Even so, there's always fear in peoples' voices whenever they talk about him. Music It is common for albums to feature hidden "bonus tracks" after the last listed song with several minutes of silence in between.

Some of these can start out startling or even outright alarming. If you've been forewarned and have decided to leave the player on to see for yourself, well My Chemical Romance : Well, they encourage your complete cooperation Bonus points because Way starts singing in a tinny music hall voice, to the accompaniment of nothing but piano, that sounds so different from earlier tracks that some people refused to believe it was the same singer. Ladytron's Witching Hour ends with 10 minutes of silence, but no hidden track afterwards.

One of the most sinister examples is in Four Walls by Staind, as the silence follows the gunshot of the narrator committing suicide, making the silence become the silence of death. The hidden track "Funeral" subverts the last-note nightmare aspect of some hidden tracks as it comes in gently, but as a dark ambient track it served to shape the silence rather than merely break it.

Aerosmith The final track of the Get A Grip album titled Boogie Man is a 2 minute instrumental of creeping music that keeps building up and eventually just fades out. It contrasts with the rest of the album apart from the last few seconds of the previous track that is a grainy recording of Tyler Perry saying, From all of us in Aerosmith to all of you out there, remember.

The light at the end of the tunnel The CD version of Covenant's Modern Ruin has a hidden dark ambient track after a minute or so of silence, but the downloadable release, which for some reason lacks the bonus track, still has the silence at the end of the last track.

The final track on Biffy Clyro 's Infinity Land is followed by around eight minutes of silence, and our patience is rewarded with This example is notable because the bonus track is every bit as scary as the silence, if not scarier. Boris has a song called "Absolutego" which is a complete, droning, shrapnel heavy drone doom song that goes on for about 49 minutes.

If the genre of drone metal wasn't creepy enough, during the final 16 minutes of this "song" if you can even call it that , we get an ear piercing, headache-inducing "riff" that sounds like a saw blade trying to cut up metal. But the scariest part about it is that it is just pure, absolute nothingness - it's just that one riff droning for endless minutes, no instruments to back it up, just If Cthulhu sounds like anything, it sounds like this.

Alien Sex Fiend's "Black Rabbit" could be the theme song for the full version of this trope. This throwaway song was the last track on the band's first album, and remains one of the most unsettling pieces of music ever recorded, even by ASF's bizarre standards. It doesn't go anywhere in terms of music, but that's what makes it spooky. The Cure's "Subway Song" from their first album is an unsettling little number about a woman being followed home from work late at night.

After about a minute and a half, the song starts to fade out. There's about a second of silence, followed by a startlingly LOUD reverb-drenched scream. It manages to have the same effect every time, even when you know it's coming. Around three and a half minutes into the song, the drums start playing on their own, and, after only a couple of seconds of silence, Blixa Bargeld lets in with what could only be called an inhuman screech, which is very loud, and ultimately terrifying.

Madonna 's "Gang Bang" is a disturbingly good example of this. Madonna sings most of it in a low tone of voice about killing her lover, and having no regrets about it. At the end of the song, Madonna muses about how she's going "straight to hell, and I've gotta lot of friends there.

The legitimate anger in her voice is just as scary as the sheer calmness that preceded it. Hozier 's song "In the Woods Somewhere" deals with a man who's running a fever. When it breaks in the middle of the night, he hears a woman's scream and runs terrified into the woods, where he finds a fox with such a badly broken leg that the bone is showing.

He kills the fox to end its suffering, wondering what the hell could have injured the poor thing, and then sees a pair of eyes in the dark. Naturally, he takes off running again and doesn't know what kind of creature he almost saw. How many years I found something in the woods somewhere. An ambient album example, there are several points in Everywhere at the End of Time by The Caretaker where the music will abruptly stop or play dense, hellish noise in between long quiet periods.

Stage 6 is this to the extreme, where the album is largely static noise until the choir, then simply nothing for the last remaining minute, symbolizing "death". While the albums have a description discussing the different stages of dementia, Stage 6 has a one sentence summary: Post-Awareness Stage 6 is without description.

Podcasts Shows up frequently in The Magnus Archives. A lot of the little mysteries behind the various monsters and nightmarish situations are left unexplained, with the most prominent example being that we never get to know what exactly Maxwell Rayner's pet monster is, or even what it looks like.

That said, it doesn't show up as often as you might expect from an audio medium since most of the episodes take the form of audio recordings or written statements, which tends to at least provide visual descriptions and coherent storytelling from traumatized people, helped by the fact that the main characters serve an entity whose power lends itself to uncovering hidden information and parsing knowledge out of people's minds.

It shows up more commonly when the events are happening in the present, as the characters feel no need to describe what they're seeing at any given moment, such as what exactly the Angler Fish looks like or what it does to make its waxworks and taxidermied shells. The hosts of Sick Sad World theorize that the reason Jack the Ripper is so legendary is that we'll never know the truth about his identity or all his victims.

Tabletop Games Numenera : The game occasionally uses this to emphasize the feeling that the player characters are dealing with very dangerous things vastly beyond their understanding. As an example, Nibovian guides are entities that pose as humans and gradually work their way into people's trust, eventually knocking them out with airborne pheromones and sealing them in transdimensional cocoons that transport them to Reeval, the Nibovian home dimension, where The description doesn't say what that is or why the guides want it to happen, only that their victims are never seen again.

It's not the torture and death that awaits him that disturbs Jesus the most; it's the uncertainty of what will happen after his death, which is guaranteed by his Father's silence on the matter. Definitely an unspoken acknowledgment of Cessation of Existence , not only for Jesus but, by extension, the entire human race. Jesus: But if I die See the saga through and do the things you ask of me Let them hate me, hit me, hurt me Nail me to their tree I'd want to know, I'd want to know, my God I'd want to see, I'd want to see, my God Why I should die.

Would I be more noticed than I ever was before? Would the things I've said and done matter anymore? I'd have to know, I'd have to know, my Lord I'd have to see, I'd have to see, my Lord If I die, what will be my reward? It was set in a Bedlam House , and featured horrifically gory murders that kept escalating until someone was being eviscerated with a chainsaw in a barely-concealed Gory Discretion Shot. But the scariest murder of them all occurred with the two young princes.

Richard hires an assassin to get rid of them; the Company imagined that assassin as a mute Psychopathic Manchild with a broad, empty-eyed grin and toys sitting on his belt. The sequence played as follows: the princes played by puppets put on their nightcaps and went into a small space under a flight of stairs; the assassin emerged from the shadows and followed them; the stage was totally silent with the exception of a ticking clock We have no idea what he did to the boys, or how long it took—our imaginations paint the picture for us, and it is terrifying.

Web Comics Parodied in Adventurers! In Stand Still, Stay Silent , chapter five. Sigrun, Emil and Lalli are investigating an old community space. Cue creepy dark space, corridors that appear to be blocked from the inside, and freakin' hospital beads all over the place.

Creepiness dawns, but Sigrun assures the boys that there are no signs it's a nest In Girl Genius , Volume Five, two men from the troupe scout ahead, and return riding as fast as they can, and there's no pursuit. Worse, when Lars and Augie tell the story, this is when they note that something is very very wrong.

Augie: Took us a while to figure out why. No animals. No birds. We left the road to look around. There were no signs of life. No active burrows, no fresh nests. No fresh tracks. No droppings. No bodies. No bones. Discussed and parodied in Skin Horse after Tip becomes a werewolf. Unity references Jaws and Alien , both classic movies that took a very long time to show monsters that ultimately turned out to be disappointing. Y'know what you are? You're a plywood shark! Man, at least from what little we've seen of him, is what appears to be a normal human doctor.

He's a bit odd-looking for a human, but not unrealistically, and compared to everything else in the hospital he's incredibly ordinary. After all that's come before, being relatively normal is what makes him scary. SCP is a self-keeping secret, or "anti-meme. It has a cell and its own set of containment procedures, but nobody knows what it is, how it got there, or why its containment is as it is. It could very well have killed hundreds or thousands of people and nobody would have any way of knowing.

It is, however, possible to remember what it isn't. A previous interpretation of SCP was the prime example of this trope taken to the extreme. While not exactly a game, SCP serves as a "simulator" of sorts. This "simulator" involves the player simply going down stairs in the dark with nothing but small light sources at each platform which leads to the next flight of stairs. The only thing that causes the tension?

The simulator only gets scarier from here, since you now hear the sounds of scary breathing echoing through the flights of stairs. The breathing gets louder and louder until you get to the last platform, where you are surprised by a strange figure while cardboard cut-out hands extend their reach towards your face before the simulator intentionally crashes.

While the initial scare is expected, the hands reaching out towards your face can generate mild yelps from the easily terrified. This gets even worse when you see SCP 's incredibly squicky uncensored articles and realize that there is a very good reason for that.

You never know what they're actually doing to the pregnant girl, though it's kinda obvious with how any Class-D personnel conducting Procedure Montauk will be terminated if they even try to prolong it. The author has claimed it's actually not the obvious answer, but refuses to elaborate on what it actually is, beyond " worse ", as in, "If I ever described it, then the Internet would come up with something worse, and that would ruin my impact".

The worst part about it? She HAS to be alive, awake, and aware for the procedure to work. However, it's kept in an alternate universe created by another SCP. Procedure if that doesn't work? Destroy that alternate universe. Unless you cheat and skip ahead, you start out knowing nothing about the thing but the increasingly Long List of just what it takes to make sure the thing never sees the light of day, and if it's done right, you're scared before the section after that, which tells what it is, and the section after that, that tells what it did last time it was in the general population.

There's one artifact SCP that actually, in-universe, is basically this trope in a box. What's done to contain it is epic, more so than some artifacts known to be capable of ending the world. Then you find out what it is: it's a box that makes a ticking sound, like a clock.

What is it counting down to? How much time is left? Being near it makes you incredibly paranoid about that, but that is all it does. Perhaps the real danger is that the object's memetic paranoia will cause widespread panic if too many people realize its existence. SCP , while already being one of the most terrifying articles on the site, has containment procedures that are never actually explained. There are two "zones" surrounding the theme park, a yellow zone and a red zone.

The yellow zone is bad enough but whatever is in the red zone is so heinous and dreadful that anyone who enters it is to be killed on sight. The only thing we know about it? Sometimes piping or music comes from the red zone and if that's the case, personnel need to get out of there immediately. SCP is a slide that, if you go down it on your stomach with your arms at your sides, it sends you a dark, cramped tunnel with just barely enough room to move forward or backward.

His love for candy and junk food. The "lazy" reputation. The voice. Those wildly untrue hotdog stories. Appreciating the legend of Phil Kessel, who hasn't missed a single game since , and his incredible ironman run. Getty They were, for the longest time, the unfair anecdotal narratives that followed him around for a good chunk of his career.

Hell, even Kessel's own former teammates — ones who shared a dressing room with the young phenom early in his career — shared some of those same sentiments before they really got to know him. I would have said you are out of your mind. To play that many games in a row is near impossible. So all the respect in the world for what he's been able to do. He just proved — as he has been season after season for the last 13 years — that nothing could be further from the truth.

Story continues How can you not love Phil Kessel? VegasBorn pic. That's 12 seasons in a row playing a full schedule. Every single night. No rest, no sick days, no maintenance days, nothing. It's hard to put into words how crazy it is to even play every single game of one full NHL season, let alone doing that 12 years in a row.

How is it even possible? The grind of skating almost every single day. The ridiculous amount of travel. The mental and physical toll this sport takes on your body during games, practices and workouts. This freak was never kept out of the lineup with a flu bug, an ankle sprain, a concussion, a sore knee or shoulder, a hernia, — nothing. This is what peak performance looks like.

Photo via USA TODAY Sports That unexplainable, superhuman durability is made even more impressive when you take into account the kind of player Kessel is and the impact he makes on the game night in and night out. At career goals and within striking distance of 1, NHL points, Kessel's offensive production could be bordering on Hall of Fame consideration if he grinds out a few more season at even a half-decent scoring rate.

To be a perennial goalscorer means you have to live in those physical, high-traffic, high-intensity scoring areas a lot more than most. He might make it look that way sometimes, but there's nothing easy about the way Kessel plays the game. It's a truly astounding accomplishment from the NHL's new ironman and one of the game's great characters.

What former teammates are saying about Phil The best part of all this, besides watching Phil absolutely thrive, is reliving some of the legendary stories and quotes that make him so beloved. As his record-breaking day drew closer, former teammates spoke out and offered some of their best Kessel memories.

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Some of Call Us: you know. To India's different version. Avast for at low versatile, portable, in to Director like off roads.

Total goals betting unexplained mysteries nfl total points betting tips

Betting on Football - September Draw Results - Late Goals Galore - Losing Month - See No Scam! 😂 ⚽️


I planned several proximate goals that were necessary to reach my goal of becoming an engineer. I had to go into the army so that I could go to school on the GI Bill and then I had to complete my college engineering education.

The second time that I seriously thought about a proximate goal occurred about 15 years into my career when I pondered just what I wanted for a long term goal for my self. Life is filled with proximate goals and the decision of just what means is best followed to achieve those particular goals. Now I am pondering what my ultimate goal is. I suspect that I have always had some kind of unconscious ultimate goal but it was one that I had not consciously and seriously thought about nor consciously desired.

I suspect that this was pretty much what most Christians, Jews, and Muslims were taught. Can our species last much longer when we have such a dangerous cocktail ready mixed for instant drinking? As a youth, my goal was to write a book. As an example the market for total goals in an Everton Vs Sunderland Premier League match has an opening price of 2.

The actual market price is 2. Prices may move in the build up to games, as they do with fixed odds betting. If the price in the Everton Vs Sunderland game moved to 2. As with fixed odds betting the price taken at the time of the bet stands and is not affected by price movements after this. The term opening price is specific to the time the individual customer places the bet with the profit or loss on the bet calculated from this. Buying If you believe there will be more than 2.

For each goal scored over 2. Another way to look at the buy market is that at the price of 2. Selling Conversely if you were to take the view that there will be less than 2. For each goal scored under 2.

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Betting strategy: How To Bet on Goal Totals Over / Unders

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