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Greed is like a virus in forex trading

greed is like a virus in forex trading

Concerns over the coronavirus are real, but Wells' long term trend Fear & Greed Trader, as the name suggests, you look for elements of. Traders are likely putting their trust in the Federal Reserve to provide the as the year-end virus surge and tightened social distancing. Analysis can seem like an ambiguous concept to a new forex trader. could be fueling momentum and good old greed is pushing prices higher until larger. ETHEREAL PADANG PADANG

The program features a gladiator arena cobbled together with such cheap labor and materials, it refuses to stand up by itself. Pay close attention to Clarence, a real-life lion who enters the scene with distressingly low testosterone but who will later earn his own 15 minutes, and then some.

Loosely sewn together with fishing tackle rather than fine thread, Greed mirrors in tone and style what passes for personality in McCreadie, a prancing hologram of post-capitalist capitalism where success is measured not in product quality but in being seen as a winner. So thickly does Winterbottom coat his villain in moral fog that for a while it doesn't register that, like a virus, the McCreadie Method infects everyone around the preening tycoon, including his official biographer, Nick rendered deadpan by standup comedian David Mitchell , a rumpled journalist who's increasingly disturbed by the con man he's charged with, as it were, lionizing.

Winterbottom means to gradually alert us, too, to the fact that our laughter has made us complicit too. I see his point, but satire rarely shares space comfortably with social-issue drama. Late in the movie the tone and pacing suddenly sober up, presumably to let us absorb the scale of the global damage done by the likes of McCreadie, and not only in the fashion business. Fancying himself an Emperor, McCreadie garbs himself and his acolytes in togas while handing out mandatory slave apparel to his minions and a family of Syrian refugees camped out on the beach.

Only they, and an administrative assistant Dinita Gohil whose mother perished in India while sweatshopping for a McCreadie company, see the bigger picture of enslavement and displacement around the world. SW: That's correct. That's correct. What I am professing is more of a primary trend following strategy. And as long as that primary bullish trend remains in place, then I will stay with the risk-on mentality.

What kind of a level would you look at from a technical standpoint for this to change? And so, for instance, right now, if I look at that, the primary bullish trend would not come into question until about , I kept investors invested in the market in December when that was tested. It actually broke below, but then rebounded right back. I believe October 8, and it's now, as you said or whatever.

SW: Right. Alright, so — and again, this is where the will of investors is always tested. Again, now the wildcard is the virus. The point is this is something that neither of us professed to completely understand neither of us being medical professionals. The bigger question is, how bad will it be, and more importantly, how — what will — what type of an impact will this have on the global economy?

I am in that same camp in the sense that we — the global economy was starting to show some green shoots. Manufacturing had started to bottom. We got some signals from not only the U. The market was telling us that things had bottomed, and that the next change was going to be positive. Of course, along comes coronavirus and now that throws somewhat of a [indiscernible] those theories. I take some solace in the fact that it appears and it's early yet that China has at least stabilized the number of cases that seem to have plateaued.

I think it will be a good sign if they start to slowly get back to work over there and we don't get another uptick in cases. And so, therefore from an optimistic point of view, we get through this quarter we should — we maybe stumble into the second quarter, but again, things are deferred and not destroyed. And I think the market — you have to look to the market too, and the market is kind of giving us initial single. Now, the sign a lot of people want to use is the year treasury.

If you compare high-yield credit spreads today to what we saw in , when we had the global recession talk everywhere, December , when we also had the scare and the big market drop, we are nowhere near those levels, not even close. Can that change in a few days? NB: Fair enough, okay. Alright, with that in mind, are there any particular sectors that you are bullish where you might be looking to add to your position or initiate new positions now? SW: Yes. I — again, I don't see this situation extending too far into So, even if you toss out coronavirus, in a low growth environment, people are going to search for growth, and the growth in earnings has all been technology and healthcare, and I don't see that changing anytime overnight.

And so, once we get through this panic mode, I think when the dust settles, people are going to get back into those stocks, same thing with consumer discretionary. So, a breakout like that is a huge signal. And so, I am adding those in, especially as they sort to come down. But my focus is on technology and healthcare, and again, to some degree consumer discretionary.

I will remain with a stock like Alibaba; I will remain with a stock like Amazon. Our goal with a stock like Blackstone grew in the financial sector, excellent up trend as they just last year reclassified themselves as a C-corporation, which opens the door now for funds and ETFs to get involved with them; 3. That [indiscernible] nicely; made new highs; is now pulled back and is in a buy range today. Have they hit the bottom? Can it drop a little more?

Any of these that I just mentioned in this fear [market] we have today, the answer would be yes, but if someone has a long-term view, these are the times when you could start to nibble at some of these stocks now. And then, the last one I had — well, I actually have two more, Fidelity National Info Services FIS , a services technology company offering wealth management services, government payment solutions, and they just bought a company called Worldpay in , and that I think opens the door for them to have very, very good growth in The technical charts on all of these companies is very, very good.

And last but not least, the company I'm waiting to come back in a little bit more, salesforce. The company is CRM. They spent all of last year consolidating a huge move in They just broke out, and now they're going to come back and start I guess to test that breakout level. So, unless we now all of a sudden turn ourselves into a total bear market scenario, I believe all of these stocks are worth looking into.

And finally, I do have one more, if someone is a little bit nervous and they want to get into gold, Newmont Mining, a gold stock, again, has a long-term consolidation pattern that goes back quite a few years and gold and Newmont Mining just broke out of that trading range. Gold has been on a massive run. NB: And so, yes, so there you go. SW: If this breakout is real, I kind of think it might be, that stock could easily run at So, you got a nice little trade there I think.

And then, CRM, Salesforce, I mean this is a stock that was at the start of the year — it ended the year at and it peaked out — in just a month and I guess, yes, a month and 19 days. NB: Yes, so that's a massive jump. Now it's come back down since then, I mean the peak was week high was SW: Correct. You could [indiscernible].

In fact, if you're aggressive and if you are much younger investor with a long timeframe at your disposal, you can look to add — you could sort of start to add and nibble right here. It could stop right here and just keep running, you know.

Greed is like a virus in forex trading eco free crypto greed is like a virus in forex trading


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