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Crypto fintechs in india

crypto fintechs in india

For our FinTech Diary this week, Rajagopal Menon, Vice President, WazirX spoke everything on crypto — how the company business is faring. Revolut · Coinbase · WazirX · BankBazaar · LenDenClub · Razorpay. Founded in , and recognized as India's leading cryptocurrency exchange, WazirX enables cryptocurrency traders and investors based in India. RAILROAD CLASS OFF TRACK BETTING

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It provides objective evaluation of mutual funds. BharatPe BharatPe is a fintech company that caters to the small merchants and kirana store owners of India. It provides a digital platform — website and app — where users compare financial services from major insurance companies. It provides several types of insurance plans like life insurance, health insurance, motor insurance, travel insurance as well as group plans.

CRED CRED is a reward-based credit card bill payment platform; its main feature is allowing users to make credit card payments through its app for which they get rewarded. In addition, CRED allows users to make house rent payments offers short-term credit lines. Digit Insurance Digit Insurance is an Indian start-up insurtech which focuses on selling insurance online. CoinSwitch CoinSwitch is an Indian cryptocurrency exchange platform where users can put and call cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple etc.

Zeta Zeta is a banking tech company which provides an Omni Stack comprising modern credit and debit processing, BNPL, core banking and mobile experiences. It caters to banks and fintechs globally. It is a recurring billing and subscription management tool that helps SaaS and SaaS-like businesses streamline Revenue Operations. It aims to provide a user-friendly experience where users can access a wide range of financial products and services backed by industry-leading security processes and insurance protection.

Acko Acko offers an online insurance policy provider through its digital platform. The company has various products and opportunities in main pillars in insurance such as personalized insurance products based on user consumption behaviors. Vendantu Vedantu is India-based e-learning platform featured with real-time personalized learning.

With this platform, students and lecturers can connect online on time. What have the Investments in Fintech been like in India The ban of high-value banknotes in late by the Government of India along with the outbreak of Covid pandemic amplified a digital payment drive and accelerated the rise of fintech. What Are the Different Types of Cryptocurrency Exchanges Centralized Exchanges or CEX These kinds of exchanges are the most common kind of platform that ensures easy, simple processes along with a very smooth user interface of crypto trading.

As the name suggests, a central entity is responsible for governing and regulating these exchanges. Every order or transaction is recorded, validated by the company to avoid any further discrepancies. And, to open an account here, the user needs to fulfill the KYC requirements where personal information of the user is shared.

Decentralized Exchanges or DEX These kinds of exchanges are truly decentralized in nature, meaning there is no company or institution regulating these exchanges. The trades that take place on the exchange are fully automated and are executed through smart contracts and decentralized applications. At the same time, no KYC and no personal information is required here. DEXs are known to be more secure as they are automated via smart contracts, which are being written keeping required security checks in mind.

Hybrid Exchanges or HEX Hybrid exchanges have the best features of both decentralized and centralized exchanges. A hybrid crypto exchange is still in a developemental phase. It has the liquidity feature just like the centralized platforms and maintains the anonymity and security, like the decentralized exchanges. One of the most notable features while transacting through HEX trading is that, there are no taker fees and gas fees involved here. Types of Cryptocurrency Exchanges Charges in India In India, different cryptocurrency exchanges levies different charges and fees.

However, there may be a very small amount of membership fee in the case of inactive accounts. Deposit Fee This fee is charged when the user deposits money or coins to the crypto exchange to initiate the buying or selling. Deposit fee amount depends totally on how the user has transferred the money, whether through payment service providers, Mobikwik, a crypto wallet, UPI, Net banking or bank transfers.

Trading fees may be levied as a flat percentage of the amount of crypto that a trader buys or sells, or an exchange may charge according to the orders placed, such as makers and takers, are charged differently. So before going further, it is crucial to understand- Maker and Taker fees. A maker is a party that creates liquidity on the exchange by selling cryptocurrency The taker is the party that takes it off the liquidity by buying the cryptocurrencies.

Both maker and taker pays a certain amount of fees for the transaction. However, makers generally pay less. However, it is to be noted that certain exchanges claim to charge the user zero fees, one must look carefully, that if they are charging in the form of spread — the difference between the rate of buying or selling the cryptocurrency.

And, generally this rate is higher as compared to the trading fee. Withdrawal Fee Some exchanges charge the user on the withdrawal of money into fiat. Withdrawing money happens when a user places a sell order on the exchange and then the funds reflect in his or her wallet. The user here can withdraw money fully or partially, into their registered bank account, for which he or she may be charged.

The user also has the option of making a withdrawal in coins, that also has a cost attached. To purchase a cryptocurrency of your own, you will need to have a cryptocurrency exchange where buyer and seller exchange fiat currency for crypto coins. Once you choose an exchange, then you need to make a deposit into your account, to start trading in cryptocurrencies.

However, the user can deposit into an account via bank transfer, net banking and through P2P transfers.

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How does a blockchain work - Simply Explained crypto fintechs in india

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