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Points handicap betting tips

points handicap betting tips

For example, say you're betting on college football. You'd pick one team to win and bet on them the same way you would a point spread bet. The handicap can be. Similarly, points can be subtracted from the favorite's side. To win, the favorites are supposed to overcome this “handicap”. If the score of the team you've. Keen to find out more about handicap betting? Our guide can help you to figure out how to incorporate handicaps into your betting strategy. HEC ULG INVESTING GROUP OF TEXAS

A working knowledge of soccer odds and how they work is useful, but you can use the OnlineBetting bet calculator to check on potential handicap wager winnings. You can also convert American odds to fractional odds, or decimal odds popular in the UK and Europe. The favorite on the moneyline will often be plus odds with a Soccer is a sport where handicap betting as opposed to moneyline wagering is a great idea especially with favorites.

There will be many instances when a favorite on the moneyline at can be taken at plus odds on at This offers bettors great value when betting on games with a heavy favorite. Virtual advantage is given to one of the teams in order to even the field. It would be best to demonstrate this with an example.

As you can probably imagine, most punters would deem Manchester the sure winners. Therefore, most bets would be placed in favor of the Red Devils. If the latter win, the bookmakers would be forced to part with massive amounts of money to pay out the winnings. To prevent this from happening, the bookmakers will give Sunderland a handicap advantage of If punters place a handicap bet on Manchester to win, but the final result is in favor of the Red Devils, everyone who backed them up will lose their money.

Manchester would be deemed winners by the bookmaker, only if the outcome is at least Manchester were supposed to score a minimum of 4 goals in order for such bets to pay out. Those who placed bets on the handicap tie will collect their winnings, if the Red Devils net 3 goals and Sunderland fail to score even once. If the final score is , Sunderland will be considered winners, thanks to the handicap — punters who bet on them will win the market.

In this case both teams that participate in the game are evenly matched, no handicap will be applied. One very important thing to take into consideration is that many bookmakers offer no-draw handicap betting. This way, the winner of the game is guaranteed as far as bets are concerned. Typically, in such cases a half handicap point is added. A punter decides to bet on Liverpool to win. The result will be viewed as 3. As you can see, the game ending in a draw is completely out of the question as no one can score half a goal.

One very important thing to remember is that the handicap is applicable only to the selection you bet on. Asian Handicap This is a variation of handicap betting which emerged in Asia, as the name itself suggests. This type of bet is expressed through both whole numbers and fractions. This is done to eliminate the possibility of the game ending in a tie. The handicap of one of the selections may be expressed through a whole number, while the other handicap selection is presented as a fraction.

This is an example of Asian Handicap — Juventus -2, Juventus are supposed to score a minimum of 3 goals to emerge as winners. Fractions like 0. Handicap Bet Placing As was previously mentioned, handicap bets are predominantly placed on sports oriented towards collecting points or scoring goals.

Soccer is probably the most common sport to place a handicap bet on. When one of two competing basketball teams is favored over the other, bookmakers tend to give the favorites a handicap to level the field. This means that if the Bulls won the game with to 95 points, bets placed on their handicap will in fact lose.

In this case, it turns out the Bulls have collected only Had the game ended in points, things would have been different. The adjusted result would be Handicap bets can be placed on individual sports like tennis, for instance. Similarly to football and basketball, one of the competing tennis players is given an advantage to even the field.

Allows us to demonstrate this with yet another example. Roger Federer and Kevin Anderson play against each other and it appears Federer is the favorite. Who actually wins the entire match is not taken into consideration here. Anderson is given an advantage of 3. In case Federer wins the second set with 6 to 4 games, Anderson would still be winning with a total of Then again, if Anderson proceeds to win the final set with 6 to 2, the final result would then be This market was for games won, but there are bookmakers who offer Set Handicap markets as well.

If a tennis player is handicapped with 2, for example, this means they should win 3 sets, so that punters can collect any profits from their bets provided the bets were placed on the handicapped player. Things are not much different with American football, either. The handicap market is quite popular among NFL fans. In the following hypothetical example, the Buffalo Bills are playing against the Miami Dolphins.

The bookmaker has set the handicap for the Bills at -7 at odds of 1. The odds for the Dolphins are 2.

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First Half Handicap Bettors need not wait for the full-time result to bet. They can use for first half markets the handicap market. For instance, Liverpool may have half-time handicap -1 against Leeds United for a fixture, and it means they must go with a lead into half time break for the bet to win. The possibility is to make at half-time the bet, and to bet on the second-half handicap. Asian Handicap This is a different market open to gamblers, and there remains no chance of draw.

For instance, the favored side in the Asian Handicap market could start with a It is a bit different market, but is relatively still a straightforward one for gamblers to understand. Best Handicap Betting Tips Handicap betting is entertaining and profitable. Ensure you are cautious and make strategic bets. You can sign up with any and find the sports betting sites that offer different soccer predictions for different events.

Researching for a few minutes will help in finding the best odds. Set up an account to find the odds. Getting better odds every time makes a huge difference. Know the Scoring Stats Placing handicap bets is an objective trying to predict the number of teams a team will lose or win. It means you know the scoring records of both the teams and it goes a long way offering valuable insight.

It is the quickest and simplest to research, so no need to skip it. Pay Attention Paying attention to latest situation means tracking several aspects. It works as a significant indicator to concentrate. That means to leverage the stats and past results and make a decision based on that. At Soccerwagerz, we provide you with odds that are being updated in real-time to give you the best shot at singling out the matches that would seem to benefit the most from betting handicap.

When and Where to Bet Handicaps? There are league handicap betting and season handicap betting, among others. What this means is that some seasons may simply be better when it comes to betting on handicaps. As to league handicaps — all top leagues will be very competitive and what this means is you will have to focus on them in full to be able to drive the best value.

Asian Handicap betting is the same thing. When you place an Asian handicap bet, you will see that certain teams are given certain advantages — such as 0. Therefore, when considering Asian handicap odds, you should also consider the advantage. How many points does the team have? Is it going to be enough? Most handicap bets leave some room for doubt — which is great for bookies, but then again, it gives more experienced players a chance to spot some minor differences in the original predictions and leverage those successfully.

Asian handicap tips will help in the sense you should always focus on the games you truly understand. There are significant challenges, to begin with, but the underlying reason to success is to have facts to work with. You need to be familiar with the performance of certain teams throughout the season.

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