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3 place gambetta amiens cathedral

3 place gambetta amiens cathedral

A central landmark of the city is Amiens Cathedral, the largest Gothic cathedral in France. Amiens also has one of the largest university hospitals in. 3. The Dewailly clock: Halfway between the cathedral and the Place Gambetta, we find ourselves by this clock, one of the symbolic structures of Amiens. Wikimedia Commons. Search. Amiens. commune in Somme, France The cathedral of Amiens is the largest Gothic cathedral in France. FOREX LIVE DAVID MOYES FIRED

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3 place gambetta amiens cathedral crypto city in switzerland


Numerous evolutive episodes over the centuries that followed have marked the building without changing its nature. From to , the cathedral was enriched with a series of chapels built between the buttresses of the side aisles. With the spire constructed above the transept crossing, the choir screen and the splendid canonical sculpted wood stalls, the cathedral assumed, at the end of the Middle Ages, the physiognomy by which it is known today.

Minor restorations during the Renaissance and in the 18th century, in particular inside the cathedral, enriched the decor and consolidated the building. On the whole, the cathedral was spared from two main episodes of vandalism, the wars of religion and the French Revolution, practically causing no damage.

The building was largely spared during both World Wars. Protection and management requirements Amiens Cathedral has been fully listed as a Historic Monument since All building work is controlled by the State Ministry of Culture that finances and implements the necessary conservation work. Amiens Cathedral is State-owned and managed in part by the Centre for National Monuments a public body under the authority of the Ministry of Culture , the territorial collectivity and the clergy.

Legally, it is of the Catholic doctrine. A management plan for the property is under preparation. It will designate the role of each of the partners involved in the management of the property, its protection and its enhancement State, Amiens city, agglomeration community, clergy. There is also La Lune des Pirates, a concert hall. It is currently undergoing significant housing renovation and development. Bordered by the Canal de la Somme , it offers a stopover for leisure boats, which must go through a lock.

The Jardin des plantes [ fr ], known as the Jardin du Roy within the city, is also located in this quarter. It lies at the south of the town center. It has numerous bourgeois houses and townhouses , predominantly in brick, blending architectural styles of the period, including neoclassical , troubadour and neo-Gothic. There are also private mansions, such as the Acloque mansion and the house of Jules Verne.

Civilians can freely visit the archaeological garden there. Not to be confused with the commune of Saint-Acheul situated 37 km 23 mi to the north, the quarter of Saint-Acheul is the site of a military cemetery from the First World War — Pinchon, and many resistance fighters.

Part of the quarter includes a so-called "English neighborhood," with typical English style houses. At the feet of this area lie the hortillonnages [ fr ], a marshy area criss-crossed by canals. These areas experience a lot of social troubles and have regularly been the place for riots. The northern quarters were the scene of violent events in , and clashes between several districts of the city and between the neighbourhoods of Amiens and the districts of Creil , in and in the wake of incidents in the Paris suburbs [ citation needed ] and more recently in August following a conflict between youth and the police.

The cost of the latest vandalism to occur in the north of Amiens would amount, according to Gilles Demailly [ fr ], to between four and six million euros. These extremely violent riots caused sixteen police officers to be injured.

In , the public transport network of the Amiens agglomeration was significantly modified. Housing[ edit ] Houses in the Saint-Leu quarter. In , the total number of dwellings in the municipality was 73,, while it was 63, in These dwellings were The share of empty rented HLM homes social housing was up: These traditional houses in the suburbs, in brick, were intrinsically linked to the expansion of the city during and after the Industrial Revolution.

It is built on a plot of a few metres wide but is very deep, and includes a garden, forming hearts with green islets and sparse areas. They can have a gate opening onto a paved courtyard. The whole process of reflection will determine the development of the metropolis by La Citadelle [ fr ]: This flagship project for the agglomeration involves the amalgamation of units of training and research from the University of Picardie in letters, languages, history, geography, philosophy, sociology, psychology and the College teaching and education [ fr ] ESPE on the site of La Citadelle.

It is to be set on 18 acres 7. This university construction program is intended to strengthen regional competitiveness and the development of higher education and research. The project, entrusted to the Italian architect Renzo Piano , will be accessible to all inhabitants. The first buildings were inaugurated in The second phase of development extended from to Under the control of the Chief Architect, Paul Chemetov , the quarter must accommodate 2, homes, , square metres 2,, sq ft of offices and two urban parks creating a visible link between downtown, the Somme and the Hortillonnages [ fr ].

It will include 12 hectares 30 acres of gardens.

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Amiens Cathedral: The Cathedral as a Basilica 3 place gambetta amiens cathedral

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