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Rickards crypto profits

rickards crypto profits

Rickards' Crypto Profits is a high-end newsletter with monthly cryptocurrency trading recommendations aiming to give you insider knowledge about the. Led by Jim Rickards, the newsletter aims to help investors prepare and profit from the coming collapse of the dollar. Jim Rickards has spent. With the advent of DLT and blockchain technology, digital assets are Because even though Rickards is anti anything crypto related. REAL ESTATE INVESTING CLASSES ILLINOIS

What was happening in the late s is the US was having gold inflows. That meant that the Fed could increase the money supply, and the law at the time actually was the law all the way through until It allowed money supply to be two and a half times the amount of gold, so you would take the amount of physical gold that the Fed had at a fixed price, then multiply it by 2. That result is how big the money supply could be. It could not be more than that.

They never got close to that. However, in , the Fed should have pursued an easier monetary policy with gold inflows. That meant you should engage in monetary ease, try to create money inflation, and make the US prices a little bit higher, which would improve the terms of trade for our trading partners.

This will result in gold turning around. It would start to leave the United States and go back to our trading partners because their prices would be less expensive. Our prices would be higher, the gold would flow out, and it was plugged back in again.

It was something more like an equilibrium system, almost like the way the tide flows in and flows out. The Fed tightened, and the reason they tightened was because they were worried about stock market bubbles. When we all heard about the Roaring Twenties, and the stock market was a bubble at the time, the Fed kind of ignored their prime mandate, which is to pay attention to what gold was saying.

They took it upon themselves to pop a bubble, and in doing so, they popped it so hard that they caused the stock market panic in , which led to the Great Depression. That was a blunder on the part of the Fed. Also, in you had the same thing. Greenspan talked about this in the s with his famous speech in And then, of course, it popped again in The point I make in the book is that not all these bubbles that popped are the same.

That was a massive stock market crash, but there was no panic. If you happen to buy pets. It was just a bubble popping. It was just driven by irrational exuberance, overvaluation, and speculation. What happened in was driven by credit.

It was easy money in the mortgage market. No money down. No documents. No background checks. No doc, low doc, subprime, and all-day mortgage loans. Anybody could get one. That was a credit bubble, and when that popped it, it did cause contagion. It did spread through the banking system. It did cause bank collapse. It did cause [a] liquidity crisis. He let the thing go, and then it popped.

It looks like the bubble, and that blind spot on her part is extremely dangerous. It is zero percent. Do you agree with me on that, Jim? Jim Rickards Well, I agree completely. There are huge asset bubbles out there, and I see them in stocks and real estate.

Now, they might be in bonds. The prices and interest rates are reciprocal. Rates have come down and prices have gone up and have continued for 35 years, right? However, when you look at interest rates, you have to distinguish between nominal rates and real rates. Now, it is true that nominal rates are close to all-time lows. These are extremely low, and in some cases record low nominally. My mother cried at me. My mother was upset. She thought that was a dumb decision. Today, when you borrow at 4.

So, nominal rates are at an all time low, but real rates are very high. If I think I can go borrow money and pay it back in cheaper dollars, so that the real cost is negative, I actually get free money from the bank or the bank pays me to borrow. The notion is how do we get real interest rates to be negative, but what that means is that the nominal rate has to be below the inflation.

I said, the year note was 1. Then, when you get into consumer debt, mortgages to real rates are even higher. So what do you have to do? You have to get inflation higher than nominal rates, and when you do that you have a negative real rate, and then that will stimulate some of the activity. There are other measures you can use, but none of these [are positive]. Rates are negative in Japan. You can say rates are low in nominal space. You can call the bond bubble and in nominal space it is, but in real space rates are still too high.

We can kind of go on and on about this, but this is what happens when you manipulate markets for eight years. Preston Pysh I saw a note. I saw that he just came out, I believe it was on Friday, saying that the Fed now needs to be managed and be brought under the government veil and not have this autonomy to act on their own.

Pretty interesting discussion with all of that. Jim Rickards Sure. It gets into a very ironic situation. Stig Brodersen For the next question, I would like to shift gears here a bit and talk about the concept of world taxation. I chose this because this was a really interesting concept that I read about in your book. As a European, when I hear about taxation on a grander scale, I often think about harmonization of taxes, which is something that we have discussed here in the single market for decades now.

For economists, it often has a lot of good arguments why you have a similar tax in terms of creating a better environment for businesses. Could you elaborate on this idea of a global tax, and why you might think it would be a bad idea, and how the elites might be doing this to be working on the Ice Nine concept as you talked about before. Again, I make the point. This is very, very important. This is all documented.

This is all happening. You can go to these websites. You can attend these meetings. You can look at these working papers. None of it is the kind that is made up or fantasized. That stands for base erosion and profit shifting. Base erosion and profit shifting are the bad things that corporations do to get out of paying taxes. The governments are going to lead an attack on BEPS. This is all being directed by the G The G20 is this world leadership [organization].

The G20 kind of emerged in November at the height of the panic, when Nicolas Sarkozy, who was the head of the G7 that year and President Bush ought to convene the G20 because they formerly operated through the G7, which are all the big developed economies. What they do is they farm out these projects to different existing agencies.

It could be the United Nations. By the way, I started my career as an international tax counsel at Citibank. I did this for 10 years. All perfectly legitimate, but we had a lot of tools at our disposal from offshore booking centers, NASA, Hong Kong at the time, the Cayman Islands, a treaty network that ran through Netherlands and the Netherlands Antilles.

No need to go down in the weeds on that, but we had triple dip leasing. We owned the Alaska pipeline, and we could write that off. Also, we had bad debt reserves that were at our discretion. And today, we see Apple and Google and others doing the same thing. Well, if you patent that invention and license it for royalties. But what if you take the invention and contribute the intellectual property to an offshore company, and then that company does all the global licensing, and now all the licensing fees go into Dublin instead of Seattle?

They give me a capital. I borrow a gazillion dollars from it and pay them interest. So, I get a nice fat tax deduction in the US. The money goes to a tax-free jurisdiction like the Bahamas. However, the governments are at a disadvantage because each government is taxing what goes on in its jurisdiction. The US taxes are actually global taxation, so they try to see all over the world. The corporations are moving this money around so fast that nobody can keep track.

It will be the corporate equivalent. And all this information is going to be reported to a database to whatever country has jurisdiction, but then all the countries are going to share all the data using this unified ID system, and then put it into one giant supercomputer that everybody can access. And then, once you have the picture, you can attack it.

You can use it to avoid provisions. You can use special laws and Section of the Internal Revenue Code. I mean, their equivalents all over the world. You know, why should they pay their fair share? Once those start to reverse, and you start to see the yields on those start to kind of go in the opposite direction.

Maybe start moving out of equities and putting [capital] into different types of asset classes? You treat them as signals, whether the market prices or GDP or unemployment or inflation or any of the things that people look at, and you use them as information. You do exactly the kind of analysis you just described.

When unemployment is low and is not getting lower is that a sign of a top ascent? Historically that may be perfectly valid and a good insight. Ensure you maintain your wealth regardless of external conditions. This eBook explains everything you need to know about buying the right kind of physical gold to protect yourself from the Biden Bucks transition.

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This is almost certainly the Lumens token, from Stellar often the cryptocurrency itself is called Stellar , usually abbreviated XLM. And yes, Stellar has partnered with IBM and Deloitte — the goal is to build a network for fast transactions across currencies, with Lumens being the interim currency that is used to make everything work quickly.

The transaction fee is set at. Each account is required to hold a reserve of XLM as well, at least 0. So yes, it is a real cryptocurrency that is being tested by some real technology and financial services companies — though those relationships are almost certainly not exclusive in any way IBM is doing a lot of blockchain work, presumably with many of the existing networks as well as in building their own proprietary software.

This means transactions confirm in a few seconds. Stellar aims to let you transact in your currency of choice fiat or digital. What does that mean? Short story: It checks all five boxes on a rigorous list of criteria. The U. For the last quarter century, U. Mnuchin channeled Alfred E. Heh… The weak-dollar talk is having little impact on the major U. The Dow is up slightly as we write at 26, But the Nasdaq is pulling back, having perhaps gone up too far too fast yesterday and the day before.

The big economic number of the day is misleadingly anemic. Existing home sales fell 3. Bush the Younger did the same thing in with steel tariffs. Researchers at the Institute for International Economics found the tariffs saved 3, steel jobs… and destroyed as many as 43, other jobs in industries that relied on cheap imported steel. Now, a refresher about how we do business. It never hurts to revisit this question, seeing as our readership is growing at breakneck speed.

Penny Pot Profits is a premium service that, as you know, comes with a premium price.

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