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Etheric light farming

etheric light farming

The least efficient method of farming Etheric Light is through the weekly nightfall strike. At the end of the strike, like any other form of. Light irradiances measured at a sea grape farm revealed that farmers could integrate such treatments labour- and cost-effectively by removing layers of plastic-. see title -- has anyone put together a guide on how to efficiently farm Etheric Light once HoW drops? CRYPTOCURRENCY INCOME TAX INDIA

Seaweed farming or kelp farming is the practice of cultivating and harvesting seaweed. In its simplest form, it consists of the management of naturally found batches. In its most advanced form, it consists of fully controlling the life cycle of the algae. The top seven most cultivated seaweed taxa are Eucheuma spp. Eucheuma and K. The largest seaweed-producing countries are China, Indonesia, and the Philippines. The water is kept in constant motion with a powered paddle wheel.

Raceway-type ponds and lakes are open to the elements. Open ponds are highly vulnerable to contamination by other microorganisms, such as other algal species or bacteria. Thus cultivators usually choose closed systems for monocultures. Open systems also do not offer control over temperature and lighting. The growing season is largely dependent on location and, aside from tropical areas, is limited to the warmer months. Open pond systems are cheaper to construct, at the minimum requiring only a trench or pond.

Large ponds have the largest production capacities relative to other systems of comparable cost. Also, open pond cultivation can exploit unusual conditions that suit only specific algae. For instance, Dunaliella salina grow in extremely salty water; these unusual media exclude other types of organisms, allowing the growth of pure cultures in open ponds. Open culture can also work if there is a system of harvesting only the desired algae, or if the ponds are frequently re-inoculated before invasive organisms can multiply significantly.

The latter approach is frequently employed by Chlorella farmers, as the growth conditions for Chlorella do not exclude competing algae. The former approach can be employed in the case of some chain diatoms since they can be filtered from a stream of water flowing through an outflow pipe. A " pillow case " of a fine mesh cloth is tied over the outflow pipe allowing other algae to escape. The chain diatoms are held in the bag and feed shrimp larvae in Eastern hatcheries and inoculate new tanks or ponds.

Enclosing a pond with a transparent or translucent barrier effectively turns it into a greenhouse. This solves many of the problems associated with an open system. It allows more species to be grown, it allows the species that are being grown to stay dominant, and it extends the growing season — if heated, the pond can produce year round.

Open race way ponds were used for removal of lead using live Spirulina Arthospira sp. A PBR is a bioreactor which incorporates a light source. Virtually any translucent container could be called a PBR; however, the term is more commonly used to define a closed system, as opposed to an open tank or pond.

A PBR can operate in " batch mode", which involves restocking the reactor after each harvest, but it is also possible to grow and harvest continuously. Continuous operation requires precise control of all elements to prevent immediate collapse. The grower provides sterilized water, nutrients, air, and carbon dioxide at the correct rates.

This allows the reactor to operate for long periods. An advantage is that algae that grows in the " log phase " is generally of higher nutrient content than old " senescent " algae. Algal culture is the culturing of algae in ponds or other resources. Maximum productivity occurs when the "exchange rate" time to exchange one volume of liquid is equal to the "doubling time" in mass or volume of the algae.

PBRs can hold the culture in suspension, or they can provide a substrate on which the culture can form a biofilm. Biofilm-based PBRs have the advantage that they can produce far higher yields for a given water volume, but they can suffer from problems with cells separating from the substrate due to the water flow required to transport gases and nutrients to the culture.

Different types of suspended culture PBRs include: Polyethylene sleeves or bags Glass or plastic tubes. Packed bed PBRs can be different shapes, including flat plate or tubular. In Porous Substrate Bioreactors PSBRs , the biofilm is exposed directly to the air and receives its water and nutrients by capillary action through the substrate itself.

This avoids problems with cells becoming suspended because there is no water flow across the biofilm surface. The culture could become contaminated by airborne organisms, but defending against other organisms is one of the functions of a biofilm.

Algae can be harvested using microscreens, by centrifugation , by flocculation [11] and by froth flotation. Interrupting the carbon dioxide supply can cause algae to flocculate on its own, which is called "autoflocculation". The powdered shells of crustaceans are processed to acquire chitin , a polysaccharide found in the shells, from which chitosan is derived via deacetylation. Water that is more brackish , or saline requires larger amounts of flocculant.

Flocculation is often too expensive for large operations. Alum and ferric chloride are other chemical flocculants. In froth flotation, the cultivator aerates the water into a froth, and then skims the algae from the top. Metalaxyl is photodecomposed in UV light, and photoproducts are formed by rearrangement of the N-acyl group to the aromatic ring, demethoxylation, N-deacylation, and elimination of the methoxycarbonyl group from the molecule.

Photosensitizers such as humic acid, TiO2, H2O2, acetone, and riboflavin accelerate its photodecomposition. Information is provided on the fate of metalaxyl in plant, soil, water, and animals. Major metabolic routes include hydrolysis of the methyl ester and methyl ether oxidation of the ring-methyl groups. The latter are precursors of conjugates in plants and animals. In soils the most relevant metabolite is the metalaxyl acid, which is formed predominantly by soil microorganisms.

Plant uptake, microbial degradation, photodecomposition, and leaching are the major route of metalaxyl dissipation. It has a tendency to migrate to deeper soil horizons with a potential to contaminate groundwater, particularly in soils with low organic matter and clay content. Therefore, precautions should be taken for the continuous application of metalaxyl to crops.

If use of metalaxyl is greately increased, the risk of occurrence in groundwater must be reassessed, as by monitoring studies in the most vulnerable areas in main use regions. The R-isomer of metalaxyl mefenoxam has recently been registered as the only active compound. Therefore, quantitative studies on the fate of this specific isomer are needed, including appropriate analytical methods.

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This is due to Saint Germain and George Washington, who lowered this matrix into form. The plan of this city goes back to the great cities of light that were in the Amazon basin in the great golden age of South America; the key buildings of the city are in white, and in many of them you will see something very much like what is seen in the etheric cities. Training at Night and Between Lifetimes at the Universities of the Spirit In these cities we find lifestreams who are preparing to re-embody, who have petitioned the Lords of Karma and must wait for the opportune moment when the gates of birth are opened to them and they can once again come forth to work out their destiny in the world of form.

These waiting souls live and work and serve in situations not unlike those they have left on the planet, with the exception that the etheric cities hold the pattern for what the physical is intended to be in a golden age. Here are Universities of the Spirit, great temples of light and homes similar to those we know on earth. There are temples of worship, of healing, of invocation and purification, of ideal forms of government, of education, of art and of music.

Those who spend their time between embodiments in these cities have a great worth to contribute in their succeeding lives. Those who carry the flame of idealism in their next embodiment do so out of the remembrance of the joy and happiness they experienced in living, perhaps for centuries, in these etheric homes of light.

Impetus of Light Is Needed to Reach Etheric Level Unfortunately, there are also many who do not reach the etheric octaves between embodiments. Only those who have some momentum of light are able to reach the etheric cities after they pass on. Those who only reach the astral level live as they do in the physical world, without higher aspirations and caught up in lower desires.

They re-embody from the astral plane levels and thus have no recollection of anything but a meager, puny existence. These souls must be assisted by those with a higher vision. Perspective of the Population of the Etheric Cities Remembering that we have in the neighborhood of six billion lifestreams in embodiment and that ten billion are assigned to this planet who have not yet ascended, we must realize that in the etheric cities, in the retreats of the Brotherhood and on the astral and mental planes, four billion souls are evolving and waiting for the privilege of once again having a physical form that they might continue to work out their karma, balance their debts to life and gain their self-mastery.

The etheric cities show us what the previous golden ages on earth looked likeand how the world can be again in a future golden age. Then, over a century ago, an experiment which attempted to prove the existence of the aether failed. Rather than admit to faulty assumptions, the scientists of the day declared that the aether must not exist. This conclusion ran counter to common sense. After all, if ocean waves travel through water and sound waves travel through air, then light waves must travel through something.

So, what is the something that is waving? Meanwhile, the aether was replaced by a new name for the fabric of space: Spacetime. It was a concept that scientists agreed upon as a brilliant substitute, even if it made no sense to anyone else. Today, the aether is back. Under a new name, of course. Naturally, as a promoter of truth, Professor Higgs now retired was shunned and scorned for decades before his theory was proven by the persistence of some other brave souls.

So, what do we call this field, this fabric of space? The aether again? The Higgs Field? It is a subtle magnetic fluid that can be distorted or compressed like a gas and it can flow through the poles of a bar magnet in a highly condensed form. As a magnetic energy, it is attractive in nature. It is intensified within and around matter, where its attractive nature produces the force of gravity. The Field is a subtle, fluid, magnetic energy which fills all space.

The Field is the fabric of space. Many people have investigated this universal life energy. They have given it names like zero point energy, prana, vital life force, chi or qi, orgone, quintessence or the fifth element, odic force, cold electricity, scalar energy, tachyon energy, vacuum energy, radiant energy… the list goes on. As a more subtle cousin to electricity, etheric energy is the life force that streams towards us from the Sun, energizing and motivating all forms of life.

It is the vitality or life force contained within air, water and food. It is the mystery energy which powers the endless orbit of electrons in their atoms and planets around their suns. Without it, all life as we know it would quickly wind down to a halt.

The inevitable mastery of etheric energy will lead to far more wide-ranging advances than electricity ever did.

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