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Cryptocurrency dayjobs

cryptocurrency dayjobs

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Not to be deterred, cryptocurrency adjacent instruments, such as NFTs, have seen increased interest, with stock prices rising for GameStop over its reported creation of an NFT marketplace. In any case, while the cryptocurrency marketplace will always be intrinsically highly volatile, the ringing in of the new year has shown more than double the amount of investment into it than this time last year.

Perhaps new investors have begun to buy into the idea that crypto could be a good investment tool , or maybe even an avenue to quitting their day jobs. The income level of investors over the last three months, however, is practically even across the board, indicating crypto is moving past the perception that it only belongs to the wealthy or high-tech accessible. And we already know that people are trading their stock assets for crypto with some by significant portions , but does that mean the crypto market is saturated enough that investors have begun to gift assets for the holidays?

The short answer is yes, but only in small amounts…so far. Those who are gifting cryptocurrency to friends or family, unsurprisingly, are the youngest demographic. Interestingly however, crypto-givers tend to follow trends in tech very closely but have very little to no interest in following markets and the economy. Responsibilities include building a comprehensive view of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, close collaboration with our business teams on crypto assets of interest, detailing of product requirements and end-to-end execution together with the technology and service teams.

The successful candidate should thrive in a security-focused, collaborative, process-driven environment and be able to easily adapt and adjust to change without sacrificing the product vision. The position requires interaction with a wide variety of internal stakeholders at various levels of the organization. Candidates must possess the ability to clearly articulate the rationale behind decisions to business, compliance, technology and client-facing stakeholders.

They must also have exceptional project management skills. Responsibilities Manage all client facing aspect of crypto assets on the exchange - communication, launch, funding and relevant trading experience Work with the technology, legal and compliance teams on the planning, launch and maintenance of crypto asset integration Performance tracking, KPI management and analysis in collaboration with business teams Explore new product and business opportunities for crypto assets on Kraken Plan relevant testing phases, rollout and product delivery Facilitate communication across all project phases and proactively alert management of changes to scope, timelines and resources Requirements Deep understanding of crypto projects, their lifecycle, roadmap, community and the potential impact of listing the project on Kraken Deep understanding of existing and upcoming blockchain protocols plus overview of the ongoing research in the area Ability to gauge the business and technology impact of a crypto project ex.

We value all Krakenites and their talents, contributions, and perspectives. Learn more about us:.

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To develop a solution to a problem, funds are needed. For start-ups, they will likely be heavily dependent on external help. This is because the generation of the revenue is not possible until the value proposition comes into fruition.

The period of development will require client relations personnel to touch base with relevant individuals by reassuring and updating them on the progress of the cryptocurrency company or project. It would be a devastating event if a large backer suddenly pulls out. Thus, client relations job is even more relevant in cryptocurrency space.

The traits that make good client relations personnel are a combination of soft and hard skills. The individual building a cryptocurrency career through client relations needs to be friendly, patient, and adaptive. At the same time, he must understand the cryptocurrency context well enough to explain key facts. Cryptocurrency Content Writer In the field of cryptocurrency marketing jobs, content writing is not a new job scope.

However, how would you write content for such a technical and rapidly changing industry? Besides research, a strong passion for cryptocurrency and the Fintech industry are needed to produce content that is both engaging and relevant to audiences. As the industry is evolving at such a breakneck speed, content writers need to constantly update themselves by monitoring the news. A lapse in attention to the market and industry is a missed opportunity to capitalize on a trending event or news.

To start venturing into a career as a content writer for cryptocurrency companies, one can start by reading articles related to the blockchain industry. He also need to develop a handful of articles to add to his portfolio. There are social media sites about blockchain technology such as Steemit. In there, you can start posting cryptocurrency articles for a strong focus group of crypto enthusiasts.

Photo by Sadrul Arefin on Promarketer 4. Events Manager Anyone familiar with the cryptocurrency space might have discovered the high frequency of events held at roadshows or large exhibitions. Organizer, companies, or large industry leaders in the Fintech industry are hosting these events.

Their purpose is to support community building, establish a presence, and develop branding. At these events, they will have educational talks along with merchandising at a dedicated booth for each respective cryptocurrency company or project. The intangibility of the internet and blockchain solutions, in general, requires events to give the cryptocurrency company or project presence.

As the public can see a physical presence, they are more likely to be assured. Besides, these events serve important marketing functions such as branding, creating visibility, and supporting relation building. An individual hoping to build a career in the cryptocurrency space as an events manager needs to possess vigor and passion for cryptocurrency and blockchain in general.

Country Manager The digital aspect of the blockchain industry allows its users to take place globally. A cryptocurrency company looking to focus their venture into specific regions will have to set up a dedicated office. These country managers are invaluable in ensuring that operations run smoothly. This is especially true as many regulations around cryptocurrency are still being developed, thus creating a grey area where organizations must tread carefully.

A country manager requires both knowledge and experience in operating a business in a particular region. However, an aspirant will stand a better chance of building a career in the cryptocurrency industry if he has that contextual knowledge. Translator As mentioned, the cryptocurrency market is on the global stage. The division of the target audience is according to geographical location. Each country has its language and dialect.

Translators are needed to turn the original content and message into the language that is native to each geographic location. Recently, as the cryptocurrency industry is becoming more formalized, cryptocurrency companies are looking for full-time translators. The expected job scope could range from translation of the text to on-stage presentations. Despite the wide range of scope for translation work, the value of a candidate who can bring translation work to the table is high. The reason is that the key documents such as the whitepaper require accurate translation of meaning.

Translation work is a niche skill. And so, the more languages an aspiring job seeker has, the higher the value he can bring. Photo by Ziningzn on Fiverr 7. Exchange Manager Creating a cryptocurrency is the equivalent of setting up a small economy. In the blockchain and cryptocurrency world, there is the Tokenomics in place of Economics. As a digital asset holds value, circulating supply, and utility, there is a need to have proper planning as well as close monitoring of it before releasing the token into the market.

Therefore, the exchange manager oversees activities about inflation, token pricing, bad actors, and contributors, just to name a few. These details all have to be planned for and managed to avoid catastrophe later on down the development process. As an exchange manager, the skills required are more technical.

A deep understanding of token utility, supply schedule, and the logic behind the blockchain architecture is needed to take on this job. Since there is no formal education on cryptocurrency and blockchain in general, an aspirant looking to build a career in cryptocurrency as an exchange manager needs to self-educate. He can do this by reading the whitepaper of cryptocurrency projects and following up on cryptocurrency trends.

Crypto Market Analyst A crypto market analyst is required to monitor the trend of the cryptocurrency market. Many cryptocurrency companies and projects raise funds through other cryptocurrency such as Ether. As such, a fall in Ether value will mean a fall in total capital that the cryptocurrency company or project has.

With the proper trend forecast, these cryptocurrencies might be moved into another form of value to weather a bear market. This is also true during bull markets. The cryptocurrency liquidated at a higher rate would mean more capital. So what's the difference between Blockchain Jobs and Cryptocurrency Jobs, you may ask. Blockchain jobs are career opportunities in a broader spectrum of companies - they might be enterprise blockchain jobs, they might be working with a consensus level blockchain technologies.

There might be quite a bit of overlap tho. Cryptocurrency jobs, on the other hand, are crypto opportunities in cryptocurrency focused startups. A few years ago we'd see more jobs in L1, protocol level foundations and cryptocurrency projects. Nowadays most cryptocurrency jobs are in companies that build on top of programmable blockchains, such as Ethereum , Solana , Binance Smart Chain or others.

Crypto Jobs List is featured on: Hiring Talent? Start hiring!

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