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Ylilauta bitcoins

ylilauta bitcoins

Citing a failed (initial) ransom negotiation of 40 bitcoins, Ylilauta, and included a copy of their post in the mass data dump. Cryptos/bitcoin is a scam. Cryptocurrencies aren't decentralized. The confirmation of the transactions is done by miners that are centralized in China. “If we receive € worth of Bitcoin within 24 hours, October 21, the hacker posted a message on Ylilauta, an anonymous public. MBT UK FOREX BROKERS

Kahri would later say that some of his own loved ones had been targeted in the attack. In early October, Tapio got another shock. He informed Tekes, which fixed the vulnerability—but he also notified Keskinen, who downloaded the database. There was a pretrial investigation for aggravated fraud, breach of confidentiality, and burglary, but the prosecution could not establish that Lind and Keskinen had used the database for financial gain.

Keskinen and Lind declined to comment. As it was, though, he had more pressing problems to worry about. On the morning of Wednesday, October 21, the hacker posted a message on Ylilauta, an anonymous public discussion board. Until they got their 40 bitcoin ransom, they were going to leak patient records each day. The first batch was already up on a Tor server. Anyone who wanted to could go read them. Below is a dissection of the events so far. Around 4am on Wednesday the 21st , an unknown malicious party posted a message on Torilauta, a Finnish darkweb forum, claiming they had breached the servers of a psychotherapy clinic stealing tens of thousands of patient records including social security numbers and patient session notes.

Citing a failed initial ransom negotiation of 40 bitcoins, the attacking party started adding pressure to the negotation by releasing samples of the patient notes. Despite being a Finnish language forum, the party spoke in English and appeared to be a foreigner.

To alleviate skeptisism and establish themselves as legit, the attacker provided multiple proofs about his hacker identity and released datasets of the stolen patient data. Instant Operational Blunders For reasons unknown, the attacker decided to prove their breach by releasing the entire dataset of the data, worth of a total of 10gb of patient records. The link to the mass data dump was actively available only for a few hours, but a number of parties managed to siphon parts of the dump and consequently started dumping selected records onto Torilauta.

The attacker also decided to post about his attack to another Finnish webforum, Ylilauta, and included a copy of their post in the mass data dump. Unfortunately for the attacker, they had left their adform cookie information into the Ylilauta dump and users of Torilauta naturally dissected them immediately, picking up an IP address pointing to Southern Finland.

Users were quick to dissect the dumped data, finding possible identifying data of the attacker. Semi-panic mode With some unknown part of the data-at-gunpoint now in hands of the general public, the attacker effectively blew their negotiation power with the psychotherapy clinic. No comments from the attacker were received on the adform cookies, but they continued posting some data onto the message board in the following days.

The attacker also started soliciting the forums for a Finnish-language translation, indicating of something new to come and potentially trying to cover up for their identify snafu. Meanwhile, the general public and media picked up on the breach and due to the highly sensitive nature of the data, it became the number one news piece for the national media.

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